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I'm a host! How do I sign up?
I'm a host! How do I sign up?
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Welcome to the Side Door community!

Hosts with all kinds of spaces; from homes, barns, shops to concert halls, are welcome to sign up and create profiles - for free. We believe that any space can be a venue. On Side Door, Hosts can easily connect with artists to build in-person shows all over the map.

When creating a profile, we recommend hosts complete every field outlined on the page. The most important information is mandatory (host’s name, address), and adding a description of your spaces, links to your website, or indicating if you have a pa system is super helpful to artists. This increases the chances of booking with the right people.

NOTE: If your profile is incomplete and you’d like to message an Artist through their Show Call, you will be prompted to complete your profile.

Once you have created your Profile, you can easily connect with artists that are currently looking for hosts via Show Calls on the platform.

Learn more about connecting with artists HERE.

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