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What is a Show Call?
What is a Show Call?
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Side Door uses “Show Calls” as a way to easily Connect Artists and Hosts, all over the map.

For Artists, a Show Call is designed as a way of broadcasting your interest and availability to all Side Door Hosts in your desired areas, at the date (or date range) an Artist wishes to find hosts in those locations.

Conversely, a Show Call can also be created by a Host, to send a signal to all Artists that might be in their area at the desired time that they want to host a show.

Show Calls can be either Public or Private. When a Public Show Call is created, all prospective connections are alerted via email, giving them the opportunity to respond with a conversation about the potential for a show. Public Show Calls will also appear on Side Door’s Connect page.

Alternatively, Private Show Calls are only accessible when you share the Show Call’s link. Private Show Calls can be easily shared, directly from Side Door, to your social networks or email lists.

Show Call overview pages can be found by selecting the Show Calls tab in the left sidebar (or at the bottom of the screen if you’re using a mobile device). Here you can easily track Views, Shares, and Responses from each of your Show Calls. You may also Edit or Cancel a Show Call by clicking the three horizontal dots in the top right corner, and selecting the appropriate option:

Show Calls will remain live on the Side Door platform for 90 days, before another needs to be created.

For tips on how to create an effective Show Call click HERE

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