The Side Door platform allows Hosts to communicate directly with Artists and their teams, plan the details of a show, manage ticketing and automatic payouts, promote shows to their networks, and manage communication with ticketholders.

To find Artists you will need to make sure you have created a Host profile (either as a Space or a Presenter), and have logged into Side Door. (Haven’t done that before? Click here)

* If you have created multiple Host profiles under one email, make sure you’ve selected the profile that you’d like to find Artists for. You can swap between profiles by clicking on your account’s circular profile icon at the top right of the screen, and selecting the appropriate profile from the black side bar that appears.

1. Click on the Side Door logo in the top left of your screen and select Connect. This will take you to your Explore tab where you can search for Artists. Artists will display according to your profile’s preferences and/or location. If an Artist is looking for a show in your area around a specific date, a green notification may appear under their name indicating when they’d like to perform.

2. Use the filters in the left search bar to refine your results, or use the dropdown in the top right of the screen to organize your search based on Proximity, Most Shows Performed, Recently Online, and Newest Signups.

3. Check out Artists’ bios and media, or click View Full Profile to see more. When you find an Artist you’d like to work with, message them by clicking the dark blue Connect button in their profile card. It’s helpful to mention a little bit about your Space and what you have in mind for working together (date, type of show, etc.).

4. After you’ve messaged an Artist about their profile, they will be notified of the connection request. You don’t need to do anything else for now. You can view all Incoming Requests, Sent Requests, and Connections in the top left of your Explore tab. If your bell-shaped notification icon at the top right of your screen is green (see image below), you may have potential connection requests waiting to be reviewed!

5. If you’re interested in an Artist that has requested to match with you, select View Matches beside their request under the notification icon (or find them under Incoming Requests in the Explore tab) and click on Accept to connect with them. This opens up a conversation in the Chat tab – putting you in direct contact with the other user, and allowing you to begin the booking process (more info on that here). The other user will also be notified that you have responded positively.

6. Not feeling any of your match requests? No problem - click on the X button to remove the request from your screen - the other party isn’t notified, and cannot attempt to match with you again until a later time.

7. That's it! Keep an eye on your email to hear about any successful match requests, and keep an eye on your notifications to respond to any potential matches that didn't come up in the search page.

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