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Side Door allows Artists and Hosts to discover each other, directly communicate, plan the details of a show, and even manage ticketing, if they choose.

  1. The first step towards booking a show is creating an Artist or Host profile. Haven’t done that yet? Click here!

  2. After creating an Artist/Host profile, you can broadcast your availability and what you’re looking for to other Side Door users, and even build your list of connections by creating and/or responding to Show Calls.

  • If you’re an Artist looking for Hosts, check out the article here

  • If you’re a Host looking for Artists, take a look here

  1. a) After you’ve connected with an Artist/Host and have decided you’d like to plan a show together, click Start Booking a Show directly in the chat.

b) Alternatively, you can click the Shows icon at the bottom of your mobile device, or in the left sidebar of your computer’s web browser. Click Book a Show, and select from your list of Connections to start planning a show. You will need to have an existing conversation with another Artist/Host profile for them to appear under your Connections.

  1. Select whether you’d like to Sell Tickets with Side Door or Continue Without Ticketing. Note, if you continue without ticketing your show will not be posted publicly or paid out through Side Door. This option is primarily for users who want to use Side Door as a means of connecting and communicating with new Artists/Hosts.

Booking a Ticketed Show

If you’ve selected Sell Tickets, the next step is completing the Details, Tickets, and Sign Off tabs of your show. Both the Artist and Host will need to sign off on all of the show’s details before it can be published.


  • Fill in your Show Title, Address, Date, Start Time, and Image. These are the details your audience will see when they purchase tickets for your show.

  • Set your show’s Visibility to Public or Private. Public shows will appear on Side Door’s Upcoming Shows page, available for anyone in your area to attend, while Private shows will need to be shared with your personal contacts and/or fanbase.

  • Set whether PRO fees are required. This is necessary for shows that include live music.

*All musical performances are required to pay a percentage of proceeds to Performing Rights Organizations representing songwriters. Side Door collects and distributes these funds automatically, so everyone gets paid fairly, and so that Side Door hosts aren’t personally accountable for licensing and remittance. Learn more here.

  • You can Preview your Show Page before clicking Save to proceed to the next section


  • Set the Number of Tickets available and Price. If you choose Flexible Pricing, you can set a Minimum Price and a Suggested Price. This allows guests to name their own price, no less than the Minimum Price.

  • The Estimated Ticket Price reflects the cost of each ticket after fees. For more information on Side Door’s fees click here.

  • Set the Revenue Split between the Artist and Host by adjusting the yellow sliders at the bottom of the page. If you move one slider up or down, the other will automatically adjust so the total equals 90%. Side Door’s 10% is automatically accounted for in the split.

  • The Estimated Total Revenue is a projection of how much you’d make if you sold out your total number of tickets at your suggested ticket price

  • Click Save to proceed to Sign Off

Sign Off

  • When you’re happy with all of your show's details click the Sign Off button. The other party will be notified in your Show Chat that you’ve signed off.

  • If the other party has signed off first, click Booking in Progress in your Show Chat to review all of the show details. If you’d like to make a change, it will void any previous sign offs and both parties will have to sign off again. Once both the Host and Artist have signed off, the show will be published.

  • If you haven’t created a Payout Account yet, you’ll be directed to get set up before you can sign off. More info on Payout Accounts here.

Booking a Non-Ticketed Show

If you choose to book a non-ticketed show, you’ll simply be asked to fill out the Location, Date, and Terms of the show before signing off.Be sure to discuss payment, a schedule, and any resources required with the other party involved. More on ticketing here!

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