Once you’ve created an Artist, Space, or Presenter profile with Side Door, you’ll be able to invite others to book with you by sharing your profile directly or messaging other profiles via the Manage tab.

Click on the ‘Manage’ button at the top of the screen to enter the Side Door dashboard, and then click on the ‘Profile’ tab to access your Artist/Space/Presenter profile.

At the bottom right of the screen, click the ‘Share Profile’ button to open up the sharing options. Select which method you’d prefer or whatever method you feel they would respond best to!

When the receiver clicks on your unique profile link, they’ll be led to your profile and invited to request to connect with you directly. If they’re not already a Side Door user, they’ll be asked to sign up first before being able to request a match. If you would like to connect with another existing profile, you can also search for them in the ‘Connect’ tab at the top of the ‘Manage’ page.

Once they’ve sent a Connection request, you’ll be able to respond and start booking straight away. Keep an eye on your notifications to make sure you catch their match request! You can adjust your notification settings on your user account homepage.

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