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What is Connect? What is a connection?
What is Connect? What is a connection?
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Connection is a term used to define user-to-user engagement and communication. A Connection is built when users mutually agree to connect with one another over shared preferences and/or schedules for booking a show.

Artists and Hosts connect on the Side Door platform by corresponding with one another through the Connect tabs found on the left-hand side or under the menu settings after clicking the three lines found on the top-right corner.

When you message another user or respond to their Show Call, it will send them a notification that you would like to connect, and discuss the possibility of booking a show together. These messages can be found under the Messages tab.

The Messages tab can filter your messages between those responding to a Show Call, or those in response to an active Show. It is also a great way to curate and build a list of connections to refer to over time when you’re ready to book more shows!

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