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What is Connect? What is a connection?
What is Connect? What is a connection?
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What is Connect? What is a connection?

Connection is a term used to define user-to-user engagement and communication.

A Connection is built when either a Host or an Artist responds to a Show Call. After connecting, the Host and Artist may message each other and book a show together. At this time, only Hosts can Connect with Artists and vice versa.

Artists and Hosts connect on Side Door by corresponding with one another through the Connect tab. Find the Connect tab on the left-hand side of your browser if you’re using a desktop/laptop, or at the bottom menu if you’re using a mobile device.

Once you’re in the Connect tab, click on the top menu with the blue magnifying glass (pictured below) to adjust your search parameters. Here you can select whether you’re looking for Artists or Hosts, and narrow your search based on Date, Location and other specifications.

Browse Show Calls in the search results, or use the map to view the general location of each Show Call. If you’re interested, click on a Show Call to check out the Artist or Host’s profile and Show Call details, or send them a message.

NOTE: If you check All Hosts at the top left of the map, Hosts without an active Show Call will appear as red dots on the map. If you’re searching for Artists, this will read All Artists, and red dots will represent the home base of Artists without active Show Calls. Reach these Artists/Hosts by creating a Show Call.

When you respond to a Show Call, it will send them a notification and open up a thread in the Messages tab (see picture below).

The Messages tab can filter between messages relating to Show Calls, and messages relating to active Shows. It is also a great way to curate and build a list of connections to refer to over time when you’re ready to book more shows, without the need to connect again! Delete a message thread at any time by clicking the three horizontal dots in the top right of the message, and pressing Delete Thread.

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