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Badges (Safer Spaces, Partner, Experienced, Featured)
Badges (Safer Spaces, Partner, Experienced, Featured)

Learn why some Show Calls have badges on them and what each badge indicates

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The Safer Spaces badge is the top tier badge on Side Door’s platform. Those who have these badges have been through an application / vetting process and are re-evaluated after each show they complete.

The goal of the Safer Spaces program is to help artists who prioritize these kinds of spaces and elevate hosts who are doing the important work to ensure their spaces are accessible and welcoming for people of color, 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, people with varying disabilities / health needs, and more.

Hosts who complete the program successfully will receive a Safer Space badge on their profile and be searchable in the platform by Show Call.

This program works to help foster safer spaces on the Side Door platform, at the shows, on the team, and in the live performance industry. The goal is to make it easier for artists to find safe, trusted spaces to play in and perform for their communities.


In the event of Side Door partnering with a festival or organization, we may highlight an artist or space who are affiliated with the partnership by adding a Partner badge to the profile and Show Call. The badges are for a limited time, administered by Side Door staff, and are used to bring additional exposure to the artist/host and the partnership.


A Show Call with an Experienced badge on the profile indicates that the user has completed more than three (3) shows on Side Door.

This typically ensures that the user understands how the platform works, how to run a show, and has had success booking shows through Side Door.


A Featured badge is used as a marketing effort to spotlight upcoming Shows and Show Calls. The badges are, for a limited time, administered by Side Door staff and are intended to boost ticket sales and increase opportunities for matchmaking.

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