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There is no barrier to entry for Hosts and Artists on Side Door - anyone can create profiles on the platform.

While the Side Door team maintains a close eye on any potential red flags in profiles, and is dedicated to taking immediate action if something seems amiss, we encourage users to inquire about anything they need in order to feel safe and secure in their choice to accept connections.

Ideally, through the sign-up process, ongoing communication between Side Door staff and users, the support portal, and resources for Hosts, there are no surprises, come show time. We find that most Hosts are typically community-minded people and by putting their space on Side Door to use for events, they are likely to have good intentions. Hosts and Artists are encouraged to discuss details in the chat thread before confirming a show so that everyone is aware of the stakes, and all parties are prepared, come show time.

We encourage all hosts to be specific about the accessibility of their spaces, what kind of vibe they are trying to create for shows, and to be clear about expectations of their guests. Since Side Door cannot be on the ground for every show, we rely on hosts to create a safe and comfortable environment for artists.

Alternatively, we encourage artists to be clear with hosts about their needs and expectations for what a safe and comfortable environment means for them.

We recommend keeping conversations with your connections in platform, rather than taking them offline. When a show is not booked through Side Door, we have no record of, or influence over the connection.

If you are unsure about someone you’ve connected with on Side Door, have questions about an upcoming show of yours, or if anything arises that feels uncomfortable, please email

Please see Side Door’s Code of Conduct for further information.

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