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How to create an effective Show Call
How to create an effective Show Call

Increase your chances of finding the right match with these tips

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Creating a Show Call, whether you’re an Artist or a Host, is a way to broadcast your availability and specific show needs to other users in the locations you post your Show Calls in.

Here are some things to keep in mind for creating an eye-catching and thorough Show Call that will reach the right people.

The more specific you are, the more likely you are to connect with the right people to build the shows you want to have.


Your Show Call will automatically pull the first photo from your profile pictures, so be sure that the photo truly represents you (your space and/or your art) to paint a good visual picture off the top!


This is both a place to sell what you’re offering and express your needs!

Use this space to broadcast what you’re looking for in an artist, a space, a show.

For Artists, this is also a great place to add any specific needs you might have (i.e. a place to stay, equipment needs, accessibility requirements etc.)

NOTE: Don’t worry about adding any of your Bio information; when a host visits your Show Call, they’ll see your profile right below, with your bio front and center!

For Hosts: Use the description box to say a little bit about your space, and the kind of Artist(s) you’re looking to host (if you have specific ideas). Consider adding details such as: the capacity of your space, if you’re able to feed or house the Artist, what kind of gear you have etc., if any apply.

Think of the Show Call as your opportunity to broadcast what you’re looking for/your show needs to the Side Door community that you’re targeting. The ultimate goal is finding just the right match from your Show Call, so be as specific as you need to be!


For Artists: When you choose a location note how many Hosts will be notified within your selected radius. If there are a limited number of Hosts in the area, consider whether it’s possible to expand your radius or adjust your location. Red dots on the map represent Hosts on the platform that do not have an active Show Call, but this doesn’t mean they won’t make their space available for the right Artist.

For Hosts: Both Artists based near your location, and Artists that may be passing through your location’s radius will be notified of your Show Call. Red dots on the map represent Artists that are on the platform but do not have an active Show Call.


We have built a Share button on every Show Call so you can easily share to mailing lists, social media, or your communities. The more eyes on your Show Call, the better. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and sharing your Show Call could result in reaching an even broader audience and your perfect match.


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