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How do I find hosts?
How do I find hosts?
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Side Door allows Artists to discover and directly communicate with Hosts, plan the details of a show, and manage ticketing if they choose.

There are two main ways to find Hosts as an Artist:

a) Discover a Host’s Show Call in the Connect tab

b) Create your own Show Call to notify Hosts in the areas you wish to play

*Plain and simple, a Show Call is a request for a show – either a Host seeking Artists or an Artist seeking Hosts (more on Show Calls here).

Discover Hosts in the Connect tab

1. To message Hosts you will need to make sure you have created an Artist profile, and

have logged into Side Door. (Haven’t done that before? Click here).

2. After logging in you can access the Connect tab from the left sidebar menu on your desktop/laptop’s browser, or at the bottom menu if you’re using a mobile device (see image below). Here you can find Show Calls from Hosts looking for Artists.

NOTE: Currently Artists cannot message Artists without a Host Profile and Hosts cannot message Hosts without an Artist Profile.

3. Click on the top menu with the blue magnifying glass (pictured below) to adjust your search parameters. Make sure Hosts is selected under “Search for. Here you can also filter your search based on Location, Dates, Space Type, Badges or whether a PA system is required.

4. Browse Host Show Calls in the search results, or use the map to view the general location of each Host. If you’re interested in a Host, click on their Show Call to check out their profile and Show Call details, or send them a message.

*If you check All Hosts at the top left of the map, Hosts without an active Show Call will appear as red dots on the map. If you want to perform in their area, you can notify them by creating a Show Call.

5. After sending them a message, a Show Call Thread will open in the Messages tab. This can be found by clicking the Messages icon at the bottom of your mobile device (see image below), or on the left sidebar if you’re using a desktop/laptop. Any responses will appear here. After the Host responds, the ability to begin booking a show will appear directly in the chat. You can delete a Show Call Thread at any time by clicking on the three little dots in the top right of a chat and selecting Delete Thread. You may also take another look at the Host’s profile by clicking on their name at the top of the chat.

Create Your Own Show Call

Have a city and date range in mind, but need a Host? Create your own Show Call and help Hosts find you. By creating a Show Call, you’ll not only appear in a Host’s search results when they’re looking for Artists in the location you’ve specified, but all hosts in your desired area will receive an email notification. This will allow Hosts to message you directly and initiate the show booking process. For full details on how to create a Show Call, please see the article here.

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