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How to Create a User Account
How to Create a User Account
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Create a User Account

A User Account is required for anyone who intends to Perform, Host, or Watch a show through Side Door. A single User Account can subsequently sign up multiple Artist or Host profiles.

1. Go to and click on Sign Up at the top left of the page. (NOTE: If you already have an account, click on the 3 horizontal lines at the bottom left to Log in)

2. Enter your Email Address, a secure Password, review and accept Side Door’s Terms of Use, and click the Create Account button. Here you can also choose to keep up with Side Door’s newsletter.

3. You will be asked whether you are an Artist, Host, or an Audience member. Select the appropriate option.

4. That's it for Audience sign up! After signing in you’ll see a list of upcoming shows on Side Door.

5. For Artists and Hosts, you will be asked questions relating to your brand new profile.

Account Settings

After creating a user account, you can modify your account’s settings at any time from the Settings menu by clicking on your user icon at the bottom left of the screen. For Audience members, the Settings menu will allow you to change your Email and Password. Additionally, Artists and Hosts can switch between Profiles (if they have created multiple), adjust Payout information, and set when they will receive email and push Notifications. For more details on the Settings menu click here.

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