A User Account is required for anyone who intends to Perform, Host, or Watch shows on Side Door

1. Go to www.sidedooraccess.com and hover over Join in the top right of the platform. From the dropdown menu, Select whether you want to Perform, Host, or Watch.

*A single User Account can subsequently sign up multiple Artist or Space profiles.

2. Enter your Email Address, a secure Password, and click the Create Account button.

  • You may also create an account using a pre-existing Social Media Account.
    [Google, Twitter, and Facebook are currently supported]
    Simply click on the icon of the Social Account you wish to use and enter the Login information for that particular account.

*You have the ability to Connect/Disconnect each of these Social Accounts at any time, as long as an Email+Password combo is attached to your Account.

3. You will be asked to input your First & Last Name

  • Read & Accept the Side Door Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.

  • Indicate if you would like Side Door to contact you with potential Artist/Host matches, Upcoming Shows, and Updates

  • Click Confirm and Create Account

4. An email confirmation will be sent to you. Please verify your email address for Side Door at this time.

5. That's it for Audience Sign-in, you’re done!

6. For Artists and Hosts you will be asked questions relating to your brand new profile.

  • If you’re setting up an Artist Profile CLICK HERE!

  • If you’re setting up a Host Profile (for Presenters or Spaces) CLICK HERE!

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