The Side Door team is committed to the safety of all participants at our shows. As communities gradually begin to re-open, we are in ongoing discussion about how to safely and responsibly reintroduce in-person shows.

We understand and acknowledge that every territory, city, region, and country have implemented reopening guidelines and/or allowing for gatherings. First and foremost, it is imperative that any in-person show adheres to their local guidelines.

New in-person show bookings will receive a checklist of safety measures. The event’s precautions will be listed in the show description and message to guests. We share protocol for event organizers in the time of COVID-19, informed by persistent research into reopening regulations from numerous regions across the globe.

If you are desperately missing shows, we feel you. If you are gathering with others, please play it safe. In the meantime, some amazing online performances are happening and we are so excited to be part of them.

If you have suggestions or feedback regarding this matter please contact the Side Door team at

For Side Door Artists and Hosts: if you are planning an in-person show in your space, please review the considerations below AND then complete the agreement form here before proceeding with any booking.


In-Person Shows in the time of COVID-19

Stay informed and follow the regulations for your region as determined by your local public health officials. Make good decisions around in-person gatherings, so we can once again gather and enjoy live art. Here are some things to consider before planning / hosting / performing / attending in-person shows and events:

  • Are you aware of your city / county’s current restrictions, agree to follow them and take responsibility as people participating in a gathering?

  • Are you aware of the number of people that are allowed to gather indoors and outdoors, and what the social distancing regulations are? If you are hosting, you will have to actively keep count of the number of people in your space.

  • Do you have enough space to allow for appropriate distancing? (this can significantly reduce your typical capacity)

  • Is your show indoors or outdoors? How does that affect the safety measures? Is there a rain date (outdoor shows)?

  • Are you sharing any microphone/equipment with others? If so, do you have the appropriate tools/cleaning products to disinfect between uses? Or will you each be bringing your own equipment?

  • Will you require participants to wear masks? Will you sell masks or will guests have to bring their own? Will you have some masks available for free if people forget?

  • Are you prepared to provide extra measures such as hand-washing stations, sanitizers, consistent cleaning of high touch areas?

  • Do people have to travel to get to the event and are there any travel restrictions in your area that will affect access to the event? Is the artist traveling from somewhere to play at your space? Billeting is discouraged for the time being.

  • What are your policies on using facilities and/or participants accessing water, food, shared utensils, etc.? Consider allowing guests to bring their own food and beverage, rather than providing refreshments.

  • Do you agree to be transparent and provide your audience with a list of precautions you’ve taken, in order to allow them to make a comfortable decision whether or not to attend your event? (We will provide a space in your show details to do so)

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact

For Side Door Artists and Hosts: if you are planning an in-person show in your space, please review the considerations below AND sign the agreement form here. A Side Door team member will check-in with you, but please go ahead and include your safety precautions in the show description and message to guests.

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