Side Door requires that all in-person show hosts (Hosts and Artists) understand their local public health guidelines and practice them at shows. Please keep your audiences informed by including your space’s COVID-19 precautions in the event description and message to guests.

By hosting an in-person show, you are taking responsibility and prioritizing the safety of your guests. There is no guarantee of an illness-free event even if you follow everything on this list. However, with careful planning and implementation, health and safety measures are the best ways to protect live events and the people who create them, while also inspiring patrons to return to the places where we make shows (and magic) happen.

Here are our recommendations for having a safe show. Please ensure you communicate your measures in the show description. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

Considerations for a Safe Show

  • Public Health Guidelines - please research your region’s current COVID-19 restrictions and enforce them at the show.

  • Capacity - the capacity of your space (indoors and outdoors) and number of guests you can have in your space may be impacted according to local guidelines.

  • Physically distancing - the capacity of your space (indoors and outdoors) and number of guests you can have in your space may be impacted by physically distancing guidelines (ie. 6ft between each bubble, or whatever is indicated in local restrictions).

  • Sanitization - provide sanitization for guests in all gathering spaces, such as hand-washing stations, sanitizers, disinfectant wipes; and consistently clean high touch areas.

  • Entry & Exit - you may wish to provide separate access points for entry and exit.

  • Masks - consider whether masks will be mandatory for all guests and participants.

  • Door policy - have someone working the door to check guests in and ask them to declare if they are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms (fever, shortness of breath, cough, headaches, loss of taste or smell) within 14 days of the show, if so they will be discouraged from participating in the show (Side Door will issue refunds by request for tickets purchased in advance)

  • Food & Beverage - decide whether guests should bring their own food and beverage, rather than providing refreshments. If providing consumable goods to guests you may wish to consider individually packaged and recyclable) and communicate this in the message to guests.

  • Signage - consider posting signage leading to and at the event site as a further reminder of COVID precautions.

  • Facilities - if allowing guests to use the washroom ensure there is proper signage and sanitizing products in the washroom.

  • Travel - does the artist have to cross any restricted borders to perform this show.

  • Billeting - depending on the restrictions, billeting may or may not be discouraged due to distancing measures, unless the guest/performer is in your bubble.

*Terms - Side Door is not liable for anything that happens at the show, but they will be available for support and consultation.

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