To set up a complimentary guest list, you must first set aside some tickets to be made available as comps (this is done during the booking process).

Simply select the Ticketing tab in your Booking Thread. From here you can decide whether you plan to charge for the show or not, how many tickets you’d like to sell, the ticket price, and finally the number of complimentary tickets you would like to set aside.

Once a show has been finalized and sign-off is complete, you can navigate to the Shows Section of your profile. Select the show in question and click Guestlist Manager at the top of the Overview tab. Within your Guestlist Manager, you can view the list of ticket buyers. Near the top of that list, you will see Comp Tickets and an Add to Guestlist button.

Click Add to Guestlist and input the Name(s) & Email address(es) of the intended guest(s). Recipients will receive their tickets via the email address you provided. You also have the option to add several guestlist invitees at once using the Bulk Add Comps button.

Should you need to reserve more complimentary tickets than you originally set, please contact us at

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