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How do I transfer tickets to someone else?
How do I transfer tickets to someone else?

Instructions for giving / gifting tickets you've purchased to another attendee

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A Side Door Account is required for anyone who intends to purchase or receive a ticket through Side Door. For steps on how to set up a Side Door Account click here!

To transfer a ticket you’ve already purchased:

  1. After signing in, click on the menu icon in the bottom left corner (see image below), and select My Tickets.

*Note if you have an Artist or Host profile, you will see a small circular icon with your profile picture in it instead of the image below.

2. Click on the tickets you’d like to share. After clicking, you’ll see QR codes for each ticket you’ve purchased.

3. Click Transfer Tickets.

4. Enter the Name and Email Address of the person you’d like to send the tickets to, as well as the number of tickets you’d like to send. If you plan on attending the show, don’t forget to leave one for yourself!

5. Click Transfer Tickets

That’s it! Your guest will receive an email with directions on how to claim the ticket(s). If they don’t currently have a Side Door user account, they will be prompted to create one. After creating a user account and claiming their tickets, your guest will find their tickets under My Tickets in their Side Door account.

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