Tickets are kept securely under the ticket holder's Side Door user account; We do not send tickets via email, only show reminders and confirmations.

You can access a show from Your Tickets under the Home tab or by going to the specific Show Page.

For in-person shows, if you are showing up at the door with guests, simply state your name and the host will be able to verify your additional tickets. You can also include a guest’s name and email address when purchasing tickets.

For online shows, if you and your guest are attending separately (watching on separate devices), please assign your extra ticket(s) to your guest(s).

There are multiple ways to assign a ticket - you just need your guest’s name & email address.

1. At the time of ticket purchase on the show page

2. Anytime before the show by returning to the show page (must be signed in to your Side Door user account) and click on Transfer Tickets

3. Click on Manage in your ticket confirmation email (you will be redirected to the show page where you can click on Transfer Tickets)

4. From your user account home page, access all the above sharing options for every ticket you have purchased by clicking on Manage when hovering over your user icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen followed by clicking on Your Tickets at the left of the page.

Geo-gated tickets cannot be transferred from one guest to another if the recipient is outside of the included area or within an excluded area.

To assign tickets you have purchased, you must be logged into your Side Door user account. On your Side Door user account home page, click on Your Tickets on the left-hand side of the page, and you will see all the upcoming shows you have purchased tickets to. Click on the show you are sharing tickets for, click on Transfer Tickets and enter the Email address(es) of your intended guest(s). Once all info is input correctly, just click the Send Tickets via Email button and each guest will receive an email containing instructions on how to claim their ticket and attend the show. You can share as many of your tickets as you wish, but if you’d like to attend the show don’t forget to save a ticket for yourself!

The ticket purchaser can also Revoke a ticket that has been assigned. Perhaps a guest can’t make it to the show so you would like to assign the ticket to someone else. If you would like to take back one of your shared tickets for any reason, back on the show page click Revoke access next to the email address of the recipient to cancel the assignment. However, this option to Revoke is only available before the recipient claims their ticket. If the recipient accepts the shared ticket, it will become solely theirs and the original sender loses access to that ticket.

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