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How does ticketing work?
How does ticketing work?
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When you book a show on Side Door, you have the option to include ticketing.

Selling tickets allows you to promote your show on Side Door, with easy revenue splitting and automated payouts. Guests will be able to purchase tickets directly from the show page via credit card, Visa Debit, or Apple/Google Pay.

When ticketing is included, show creators have two options for the ticket type:

1) Fixed pricing - set the number of tickets for sale and the price of tickets.

2) Flexible pricing - set the number of tickets for sale, and set the minimum ticket price. Guests can pay any amount above the minimum ticket price.

For door sales, show runners can use the Door Sale QR code found in the Audience Manager. PRO-TIP: Print this off or keep it handy for guests who still need to purchase tickets (more on door sales).

After purchasing a ticket, the address of the space will be revealed to the guest, and they will receive a confirmation email and receipt. To view purchased tickets, guests can click the menu icon in the top right followed by My Tickets. Ticket QR codes can also be found at the bottom of purchase confirmation and reminder emails for easy check-in.

To check-in guests, scan their ticket’s QR code(s) or manually check them in on the Audience Manager (more on Audience Manager). All tickets and transaction fees are non-refundable unless a show is cancelled (Refund policy).

If you opt to book a show without Side Door ticketing, click Continue without ticketing and set the terms. Be sure to discuss payment, a schedule, and any equipment or resources required. A show without ticketing is not displayed or promoted on Side Door.

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