PROCESSING FEES - Side Door uses Stripe to process all incoming payments. To cover the applicable fees, Side Door applies a processing fee to each transaction that varies based on the number of tickets purchased, the combined ticket price(s) incurred and the location of the customer. The processing fee is an additional charge to ticket buyers only, and does not deduct from an Artist, Host, or Presenter payout.

HYPERWALLET - Side Door uses Hyperwallet to process all outgoing payments. There is no cost to Side Door users for receiving payouts for Side Door shows from Hyperwallet.

P.R.O.s - Side Door collects a portion of the gross ticket revenue for mandatory live performance fees for every applicable show containing music as administered by the corresponding Performing Rights Organizations. For online shows, P.R.O. jurisdiction is according to the location of the ticket purchaser, and the applicable localized percentage is remitted (typically ranging from 3-9%); for in-person shows, P.R.O. jurisdiction is according to the location of the Space. Artists, Hosts, and Presenters with booked shows can see the P.R.O. fee breakdown in the Payout Details of their booking. P.R.O. fees are included in each show’s ticket price, and are deducted from a show’s gross before net payouts are made to receiving users.

TAX - Side Door charges applicable taxes based on the territory of the user, according to whether they’re collecting taxes. Taxes are charged in addition to ticket price for North American customers, and are “baked in” to the ticket price for international customers.

REVENUE SPLIT - Side Door collects 10% of all net show earnings for in-person shows (minus tax and P.R.O. fees). For online shows and Series passes, 15% of all net show earnings will be collected (minus tax and P.R.O. fees), to account for the one on one support assigned to manage each show.

In addition, Side Door also charges 150 cents per ticket to the ticket buyer as a processing fee.

DONATION LINKS - If a user includes a donation, merch or paypal link (for example) in the show description or custom CTA button, Side Door does not take any fees from transactions that take place through those buttons.

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