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It is advised that Hosts research the terms of coverage for their property or tenant’s insurance in order to better understand their terms when hosting.

Liability is a concern for the Host, as every jurisdiction/insurance policy is different. As a reminder, Side Door is NOT the presenter/promoter in these shows, but rather the agent/platform/service, facilitating an agreement between you and the Artist. We always suggest having basic property insurance that covers your property and belongings, as well as protecting you if someone injures themselves on your property. This kind of liability isn’t exclusive to Side Door shows - most events happening in your space, including gatherings and parties, are technically the responsibility of the property owner in many jurisdictions.

If you are nervous about being perceived as running a business by by-law officers or your insurer, you should donate your split to the artist and suggest advance sales only so you are not managing money in any way.

Bottom line - this is not without risk. But we are working with you and the artist to ensure that a) it's a safe environment and b) it's not presenting undue risk to anyone. You're also welcome to read our terms of service.

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