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How to buy show tickets
How to buy show tickets
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Head to the Side Door Shows Page or click on Upcoming Shows via the menu in the top right. Here you can find all shows currently on sale.

Click on the show you are interested in purchasing tickets for.

(If tickets are not yet available for purchase, the Scheduled Sale Date will be shown.)

Click the green button on the ticket page. A pop-up window will appear prompting you to input the quantity of tickets needed and edit the price paid per ticket, if Name Your Price is an option for this particular show. Continue to Buy Tickets and you’ll be taken to the checkout page prompting you to input your payment details.

If you aren’t already logged in to Side Door, you will be asked to log in to complete your purchase. If you don’t already have a Side Door account, you will be prompted to create one. Make sure to select an Email+Password combo that you can easily remember and have access to.

After logging in to Side Door, you will be able to enter your payment information and complete your ticket purchase/reservation.

Once successfully purchased, you’ll see a green pop-up appear exclaiming “Your ticket(s) were successfully purchased”. This ticket and the QR code associated with it, can be found under My Tickets within the menu on the top right corner, after clicking on the associated show.

To assign a ticket to another guest post-purchase, head to My Tickets, click Transfer Tickets, and enter the email address of your intended guest.

If you are sent a ticket from a friend, this ticket can be claimed by following the steps within the Ticket Claim Email and logging into Side Door.


Please note, there is no physical ticket associated with Side Door shows. Your name will be on the show’s guest list upon arrival. In some cases, you may be asked to show your ticket’s QR code, which can be found in your ticket confirmation email, or in My Tickets when logged into Side Door. We do not send tickets via email, only show reminders and confirmations. Be on the lookout for pertinent information in your email, such as show address, location, and any necessary parking/entrance protocols!

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