Head to the Side Door Shows Page. Here you can find all shows currently on sale.

Click on the show you are interested in purchasing tickets for.

(If tickets are not yet available for purchase, the Scheduled Sale Date will be shown.)

Click Tickets, this will take you to the purchase page.

For Geo-gated shows, guests outside of the included area or within an excluded area will not be able to search for the show on Side Door or purchase tickets for that show if accessing the ticket page via a direct link.

Select the ticket type (if applicable) and the number of tickets you’d like to purchase. In the case of ‘Name Your Price’ tickets you will be asked to select the price of each ticket, then click Purchase Tickets, or RSVP (Free Shows).

Please note—selected tickets are held for a limited time, after which the payment page will expire and a new set of tickets will need to be reserved. You will see a countdown while you complete your purchase.


If you aren’t already logged in to Side Door, you will be asked to log in to complete your purchase/reservation. If you don’t already have a Side Door account, you will be prompted to create one. Make sure to select a Social Login or an Email+Password combo that you can easily remember and have access to. You will have the option to connect and disconnect your Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts at any time as long as one form of login is utilized for your account.

After logging in to Side Door, you will be able to enter your payment information and complete your ticket purchase/reservation.


A Confirmation Page will appear displaying the Order Number confirmation, your payment total and options to Follow the Artist/Host, Join the Show Chat, and head to the Show Page. An additional email is also sent to the ticket buyer that confirms the ticket purchase, shares additional show details (such as the location for in-person shows), and provides receipt of purchase.

Any ticket not assigned to an additional guest will remain under the Name & Email of the original ticket purchaser. To assign tickets to guests post-purchase, head to Your Tickets, click Transfer Tickets, and enter the email address of your intended guest. This can also be done from the Show’s Page, where you will be given the options to Transfer Tickets, Get More, and even Tip the Artist/Buy Merch (when applicable).


Tickets are kept securely under the ticket holder's Side Door user account; We do not send tickets via email, only show reminders and confirmations.

You can get access to the show from My Tickets under the Home tab or by going to the Show Page.

For information on accessing an Online Show see How do I get into an online show?

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