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How do I manage my account settings?
How do I manage my account settings?
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Editing Your Artist/Host Profile

Already created your Artist or Host profile and want to make a change? You can adjust your profile’s Name, Location, Info, Image, Video/Audio Embeds (Artists only), Website and PA Requirements at any time.

To edit your profile:

  1. Log into your Side Door account.

  2. Click on your user icon at the bottom left of the screen and select Profile.

  3. Click the blue Edit Profile button, and make adjustments as needed

  4. Click Save when you’re done!

*If you have multiple Artist/Host Profiles and the wrong one is appearing under the Profile icon, you may need to switch Profiles. More on how to do this below!

Adjusting Account Settings

Artists and Hosts can switch between Profiles, change their Email and Password, adjust Payout/banking information, and view any Notifications from the Settings tab.

To access the Settings tab:

  • Click your user icon at the bottom left of the screen

  • Click Settings


If you have multiple Artist / Host Profiles this is where you can switch between them. Click on the Profile you’d like to use and select Yes when asked if you want to switch profiles. Now you’ll be able to edit your profile, and connect / message as the Profile you’ve selected.

Email and Password

Change the email address and password you use to sign in to your User Account:

  • To change your Email – replace your current email address with your new one and click Update Email. You will be sent a verification email at your new email address to complete the process. For security purposes, you may be asked to log in again before changing your email.

  • To change your Password – enter your current password and your new password in the fields provided and click Update Password.


Create a Payout Account to make sure you get paid for your shows. For more information on setting up a Payout Account click here.


Select whether you’d like to receive Email and Push Notifications about Show Call responses, New Messages, Show Booking Changes, and Show Cancellations. For more information on how to edit your notification preferences click here.

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