You can edit your profile at any time! Update it regularly to share new releases, tour plans, promo materials, etc. Or, adjust your preferences to discover new profiles to match with.

  1. Log in to your Side Door user account.

  2. Select which profile you would like to edit by hovering over the menu in the upper right hand corner and click on the correct profile.

  3. Select the Manage option in the top left (in between Home and Browse).

  4. Click on Profile in the pink-shaded menu banner (in between Dashboard and Discover).

  5. Scroll down to find different sections of your profile, such as details/photos, media, performance type, and venue amenities, etc.

  6. Click the various Manage and Edit buttons (they’re all blue!) to make any adjustments.

We strongly recommend adding a phone number as a means of contact in case of a show emergency.

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