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Ratings and Reviews

How to rate and review a show, where they go, and who sees them.

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Side Door collects Ratings and Reviews from the Audience and the Show Runners (Artists and Hosts) after a show is complete.

Ratings are collected in order to create a publicly displayed average on the user’s profile, in the hopes of broadcasting both quality and experience on the profile, for future discovery.

For Show Runners (Artists and Hosts)

Once your show is completed, you will receive an email from Side Door requesting Ratings and Reviews on your experience.

You can also complete your ratings and reviews within the Show Overview (see attached)

Artists and Hosts can rate each other out of 5 hearts.

More hearts = more love and appreciation. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

These ratings will create an average over time, publicly available on your profile.

You are also given the opportunity to say more to each other via a Review. You will each see each other’s reviews, but they will only be public if you choose to feature that review on your profile.

To feature a review on your profile, you will find that under Edit Profile > Manage Reviews. NOTE: This button will only be active if there are reviews on the profile. Select the review you’d like to feature and confirm with “Yes” when prompted.

If you have confidential feedback for Side Door only, there will be a text box available to submit that directly to us. Your fellow show creator will not see this feedback.

(from the host perspective)

For audiences:

After a show, you’ll receive an email from us, asking you to offer your thoughts and feedback on the show you attended.

You can rate the Artist and Host separately out of 5 hearts.

More hearts = more love and appreciation. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

You can also leave your thoughts about the Host and Artist in the text box should you have more love to give or some feedback on your experience.

Please note: While the Host and Artist are able to see all their ratings and reviews, they will not see who submitted them unless you have an Artist or Host profile, then your profile name will appear.

Reviews are not automatically published to the Side Door platform. Your review will only be visible to the public on the platform should the Artist or Host select your review as their featured review.

Your rating (❤️) will be public only as part of that person’s average rating.

Should you have additional feedback / concerns that you would like to send privately to Side Door, please email

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