Create a show with multiple ticket types using Side Door’s tiered ticketing system. Customize each ticket type’s price and unique ticketholder message to give your audience a more dynamic show experience. Do you want to offer tickets with VIP access, or bundle an album download with a ticket purchase for a higher price? We’ve got you covered!

*Note we do not currently facilitate the exchange of merch directly on Side Door, but external links can be provided to ticket buyers

1. Make sure you’ve created an Artist or Host account with Side Door and have signed in. (Not sure how to do that? Click here)

2. After signing in, click on the small arrow in the top left of the screen and select Ticketing.

3. Click Plan a Show. Select whether you’d like to plan an In-Person or Online show, and whether it will be self-booked or booked with one of your Connections. (Not sure how to Connect with other Artists or Hosts? Click here)

4. Under the Ticketing tab of your Show Builder click Add a Ticket.

5. Fill in the Name and Description of the ticket, customize the pricing and number of tickets available, and click Submit.

6. If you’d like to offer another type of ticket, click Add a Ticket again and repeat the process.

7. Complete the rest of your Ticketing tab then click Save & Continue

8. Next you’ll land on your Promo tab. At the bottom of the tab, make sure to fill out your Private

Message to Ticketholders for each ticket type. This message will only go out to purchasers of

the specified ticket, and can be used to send out important information relating to each ticket

type. For example, if a ticket offers a free album download, you can include your album

download link here!

9. Once you publish your show and start selling tickets, you can access your guestlist from the Guestlist Manager under the Overview tab. Your guestlist will automatically specify which kind of ticket a guest has purchased!

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