How Do I Plan a Show Series?

Use our Show Series builder to sell Series Passes or promote multiple shows on a single ticket

page. You can even create separate tiers for your passes and bundle select

shows in your Series for different prices!

1. After signing in, click on the small arrow in the top left of the screen and select Ticketing.

2. Click Series beside Your Shows in the top navigation bar, and hit Plan a Series

3. Fill out your Basics tab and hit Save & Continue

4. In the Passes tab hit Add a Pass. Your current shows will appear on the right side of the page, select the ones you’d like included in the pass. Give your Series Pass a title, description, price, and ticket quantity, before hitting Save Changes. If you’d like to create another Series Pass that offers different access and pricing, hit Add a Pass again and repeat the process

*If you haven’t created any shows yet, you’ll need to hit Plan a Show and book one first

5. Under the Promo tab add images, audio, video, a description, and any custom links relevant to your Series. Don’t forget to fill in your Private Message to Pass holders for each type of Series Pass you’ve created. This message will appear on the Series Page for guests with passes, and will be included in confirmation and reminder emails sent out.

6. Sign off on and publish your Series. Hit Share Series from the Overview tab and copy the URL to share your Series Page!

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