Broadcast shows allow you to embed a live or pre-recorded stream directly to your Side Door show page, or send users to an external site’s streaming link. They’re great for artists and hosts that prioritize the highest quality of delivery, but are willing to sacrifice the face-to-face audience engagement of an Interactive show.

Broadcast Show Details

  • High definition 1080p fidelity

  • Hi-fi audio (if embedded directly on Side Door)

  • Max Show Capacity: None

  • Max Show Duration: 12hrs consecutive (can be re-engaged for multi-day events)

  • Side Door takes 10% of net revenue (after P.R.O. remittance and Online Show Support fee).

How to Book a Broadcast Show

1. Log in to your Artist or Host account.

2. Click Manage on the navigation menu in the top left of the screen, and select Dashboard on the secondary navigation menu that appears below.

3. Click the green Plan a New Show button on your Dashboard and select Start Planning an Online Show.

4. a) If you’re planning the show on your own click Start Planning under Self Promoted.

b) If you’re planning the show with another Artist or Host on Side Door:

  • Make sure you’ve connected with them (more on connections here).

  • Find their name under Select a Curator from your Connections (this will read Select an Artist from your Connections if you’re a Host).

  • Hit Start Planning at the bottom of the page.

5. Fill out your show’s date and time under Basics in your show thread, and hit Save and Continue.

6. Select Broadcast under Platform. Choose whether your show will Stream Live or be an Uploaded Pre-recording (read more on these options below), and whether you’d like a re-watch to be available for viewers after the performance. Hit Save and Continue.

* Re-watches will remain available for 48 hours after a show ends and ticket sales will remain open during this time. Two payouts will occur for the show: one for the pre-sales and one for the replay sales.

7. Continue filling out the Ticketing, Promo, Details, and Review tabs of your show thread and then sign-off on and publish your show.

Stream Live vs. Uploaded Pre-recording

Broadcast shows offer a choice between streaming your performance live and uploading a show that’s already been recorded.


After publishing your show, you will be supplied with an RTMPS URL and Streaming Key in the Overview tab of your show thread. These can be entered into any live-streaming encoder (like OBS, Livestream Studio, etc.). You’ll be able to test your stream prior to the event, and "Go Live" when you are ready.

* Note if you are using a platform like YouTube to stream your show outside of Side Door (not recommended), the RTMPS URL and Streaming Key will be provided by the platform you are using. You will also need to supply a Streaming Link to your designated Side Door Support person.


  • Upload your video to an online file storage service (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

  • Provide your designated Support person with the download link of your video upload. This should be done at least 72 hours before the show.

  • Your designated Support person will schedule the video to publish to your show page for the show’s start time.

  • Communicate to your designated Support person whether or not your file includes a pre-show or countdown so that it can be scheduled appropriately.

*After providing a link do not move or edit the original video file in Google Drive (or your preferred file storage service) until the conclusion of your show or its 48-hour replay.

  • Please note the following specs when exporting your video:

Format: mp4

Video codec: H.264 (AVC)

Audio codec: AAC

FPS: 30 max

Audio bitrates: 128 - 192 kbps

Video bitrates: 1500 kbps - 6000 kbps

Max file size: 5GB


Broadcast Shows default to using a platform called Mux to embed your video directly on your Side Door show page. Sticking with this platform is highly recommended for the best overall show experience; however, if you’d like to use an external streaming site please notify your designated Support person or contact

Here are a few advantages to sticking with Mux:


  • Secure (embedded on Side Door’s show page)

  • Chat with admin moderation capabilities

  • Higher audio fidelity (48khz / 192 kbps)

  • Consolidated user experience with full customer support built in

In comparison:


  • Not secure (link can be shared)

  • Lower audio fidelity

  • User confusion (users are sent to a third party site where we cannot help them with customer support)

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