A hybrid show typically refers to an event that combines both in-person and online programming - for example, a standard performance with an audience physically present that is also simultaneously live-streamed is an example of a hybrid show. These kinds of engagements are possible through Side Door!

To book a hybrid show with Side Door, you’ll need to create a ticket link for each avenue of access for your show. That means you’ll need one ticket link for the in-person offering and another separate ticket link for the online offering, and the audience will have to choose which kind of ticket they’d like. (For more detailed information on how to create an in-person show, click here; for more on creating an online show, click here.)

When booking a hybrid show, each ticket type for the event will have its own unique URL. The ability to consolidate multiple ticket types into a single access page with one URL is not currently available on Side Door. This feature is currently in development, but in the meantime Side Door recommends using third-party services like Linktree to create landing pages that display all of your ticket type options to your audience on a single page.

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