Affiliate links allow show creators to track sales by source or work with multiple promoters on a show and pay them out based on their individual results. They also give you a look into what social platform is driving and converting the most show traffic.

Within the Side Door show building you can create custom, trackable affiliate links to promote your show. You can provide different affiliate links to various social media channels or promoters, and Side Door will provide insights on how each link is driving sales and revenue.

To create a new link, go to “Details” in the show builder, click on the "+ New Affiliate Link," and name your link based on the source (ie. “Facebook”, or “Bowery Presents”, or “Newsletter”)

Once saved, copy the link and use it as your call to action on its correlating platform.

The insights on link performance update in real-time, and for a more in-depth dive, click on "details”.

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