You need to log in to your Side Door account to access an online show. You will need to be using an Android, Windows, OS X or iOS device to access a show. Linux-based systems, PlayStation, Xbox, Firestick or Apple TV as well as other Smart TV operating systems are not supported.

If you are looking to cast a show from a small screen device like a laptop running Windows or a phone, you can do so by mirroring your device screen to a larger monitor or projector.


We recommend that you use an HDMI cable for reliability and simplicity of use. Most modern phones can mirror their screen to a TV via an HDMI cable using a USB Type C to HDMI or Lightning to HDMI adapter. Besides the ease of use and reliability of using an HDMI capable of connecting your device to a larger screen, doing so does not affect your Wifi modem bandwidth.

Watching a Zoom show on your device, then casting it wirelessly to your Smart TV, increases your modem traffic and may significantly reduce the audio and video quality and increase the latency. However, it is possible to mirror your device screen to a Smart TV wirelessly using Wifi.


Chromecast will not work with Zoom shows ("Interactive" online shows), but should work seamlessly with "Broadcast" shows that are embedded directly on the show page.


You may also use Connect in Windows to mirror your desktop; but, the image quality is not great.


With Apple devices, you have the option to use Apple AirPlay to mirror your desktop with a compatible Smart TV.


And with Samsung devices, you can use Smart View with a compatible Smart TV.

If you are also using a Bluetooth audio system, you may also experience an increase in latency.

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