An interactive show gives the audience a direct entry into the virtual room. Most interactive Side Door shows take place over Zoom. Zoom allows for a gallery view of several participants at a time, and grants attendees a two-way audio and video connection which allows everyone to see each other and even opens the option for participants to voice their thoughts and interact directly to the artist. Audience members may even have the opportunity to join the performer in the spotlight and become part of what makes interactive shows so magical. Bottom line, an interactive show is as accurate as an online replication of the back-and-forth between performer and audience (or audience members with each other) gets.

A broadcast gives the audience a view of the performers - or whoever the performers choose to display. Most broadcast Side Door shows are embedded directly in the show page. Broadcast shows allow for a high-fidelity stream to be played for the audience. Audience members have the opportunity to chat with one another in a chat box, if it has been enabled by the artist. Broadcasts also allow for replay, accessible to audiences for up to 48 hours after the show’s end time.

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