Once logged into a Side Door account, users will now land on the Activity Feed.

Have a favorite Artist or Venue on Side Door? Users can "Follow" Artist, Venue and Presenter profiles to get on the inside track about upcoming shows. In-platform notifications will alert users so they can nab tickets when the profiles they follow book shows.

Coming soon: Artists and Presenters - you'll be able to see how many users are "Following" your profile.

To "Follow" a profile, click the "Follow" button underneath the profile card or hover over the avatar in the Activity Feed. Outside of the Activity Feed you can follow profiles by searching on the Artists or Hosts Page.

As you scroll down the Activity Feed page you’ll see the following:

  • You're invited! All your unclaimed comped tickets.

  • Show Reminders. All your tickets for upcoming shows.

  • Upcoming shows from Artists you’re "Following".

  • Artists you might like with recently announced shows. We’ll suggest Artists based on your ticket purchases and "Following" activity.

  • Announced this week. All the public shows announced in the past seven days.

  • Suggested profiles. A mix of suggested Artists, Hosts, and Presenters.

Your profile will display the number of other profiles you follow and you’ll be able to toggle between "Your Tickets" and the "Activity Feed".

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