Artists and show creators may allow people to name their ticket(s) price for the event, which means audiences have a choice of the price they want to pay per ticket for access to the show.

Click on the Tickets button on the show page of the event that you’re interested in. A new window will open with a text field under the banner Name Your Price. In that field, you will see the suggested price for the ticket and the minimum accepted price below. You can edit the price and pay anything above the minimum price (no limits), or press the arrows up and down to shift the price by $1.

Select the number of tickets required by clicking on the plus (+) or minus (-) icons under the banner ‘# of Tickets’. Your running total and ticket breakdown will automatically calculate on the right. Click Purchase Tickets when you are ready to pay. Tickets can be shared after purchase.

If you appreciate an artist and their work, and if you are able, paying more for the ticket is a great way to show your support.

For show creators, allowing people to name their price is an excellent way to be flexible for diverse audiences and potentially attract new fans to the event. Allowing people to name their price is a way of making your event more accessible to a wide range of people.

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