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What is Artist Royalty or PRO (Performing Rights Org) remittance?
What is Artist Royalty or PRO (Performing Rights Org) remittance?
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About PROs:

Live musical performances are legally required to pay a percentage of proceeds to Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) who collect and distribute funds on behalf of intellectual property holders (songwriters). PROs collect funds, and then distribute those funds to their members (songwriters), based on the usage of their copyrighted material (songs).

Good news! Side Door collects remittances automatically from public ticketed shows that are booked through Side Door, and the toggle ‘This show includes live music’ must be on. Side Door distributes them to the appropriate PROs so creators get paid for their work. Remittance is directed toward the appropriate corresponding PROs for locations of the audience(s) - for example, SOCAN in Canada. The location of the performance or performer has no bearing - it is the locations of the audience that matter.

PROs have agreements with other PROs internationally, so for example, if a Canadian performer is a member of SOCAN in Canada but performs in the U.S., the Artist will be paid out for the usage of their songs from an American PRO.

For Side Door Hosts/Spaces/Presenters:

Any public physical space or business, such as a coffee shop or performance hall, where music happens (either as a live performance or even a playlist through speakers), may be legally required to have a license or agreement with the PRO in the country where the space is located. With the shows you book through Side Door, you are NOT required to acquire such a license from the PRO.

As a host of live art and music, there may come a time when your local PRO will reach out to you and ask you to obtain a license. Good news - with the shows you book through Side Door, you are NOT required to acquire such a license from the PRO. Side Door covers all license fees on behalf of ALL hosts for any show completed with Side Door, as stated in all settlement sheets. That means hosts who DO hold a license for non-Side Door related activities do not need to claim these Side Door shows in their annual reporting.

For any show done *outside of Side Door* hosts are still responsible to acquire and pay for a license to ensure music royalties are paid to artists. If you’d like to learn more about this, we would encourage you to research locally relevant rules and regulations. You can find out what your local PRO is HERE.

For Artists:

Artists who are members of a PRO should submit their setlists to their member organization in a timely manner after the show. If the artist is performing original material, they will earn back the remittance revenue in due course via their PRO. This is a huge benefit to using Side Door to book and ticket shows, since our team takes care of the remittance on your behalf so Artists get paid out after submitting setlists to the PRO.

*PLEASE NOTE: Side Door holds a blanket license with SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) only. If you are a host outside of Canada, we recommend securing a license for your space with your country’s Performance Rights Organization. .

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