The Show Chat is an audience engagement feature on the ticket page. It’s a great way to involve guests in your event leading up to and during the show.

The Show Chat appears for ticket holders on the ticket page once they have purchased a ticket (or RSVP’d) and created a Side Door user account. Guests with comp tickets or tickets assigned to them will also be able to participate in the chat once they have claimed the ticket. If a user is logged out and does not have a ticket, they will not see the show chat.

This is a great forum to announce special guests involved with the show, merchandise offers, or any other details about the event you would like to share with your guests.

If you are hosting a Live Stream or Broadcast through Side Door, which is embedded directly on the show page, you can utilize the Show Chat during the event to converse with guests or allow audiences to chat with one another while the show is happening.

Show Chat is an optional feature - there is a toggle in the Details tab of the booking flow where you can decide for each show whether you would like to have the chat turned on. If you choose to have it on, remember to check back regularly to see if anyone is trying to chat with you or ask questions. There are currently no notification settings with Show Chat. Feel free to use this space to promote any details related to the event and/or ways that the audience can be involved.

Please note - this show chat is different from the chat that’s available in Zoom, and separate from the admin chat in the show booking tool.

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