Someone has bought you a ticket to a Side Door show - awesome! You will receive an email asking you to Claim the ticket with a subject line that says “JaneDoe has sent you a ticket to Show Name”

If you would like to accept the invitation to attend the show, click on the Claim Ticket button in the email. You will be directed to the show page on the Side Door website. If you do not already have a Side Door user account, you will be asked to create one here. This allows us to keep your tickets secure, and makes show access easy. You can create a user account for free via email or Facebook, Twitter, or Google (more info here). If you already have a Side Door user account, click on Login (below the email button). Enter your user account login information, and enter the name you would like displayed on the show guest list.

Once you have claimed your ticket, you will receive a confirmation email for the show, and the ticket purchaser will receive a notification that you successfully claimed the ticket. If it is a free/RSVP event, you will receive an email saying the ticket has been redeemed. Come showtime, click on Log in for Show Access in the confirmation email to access the event, or access the show from Your Tickets under the Home tab or by going to the Show Page when you are logged in to your Side Door account.

If you cannot make the show, please contact the ticket purchaser to let them know. Do not click on anything in the email.

Please note that Geo-gated tickets cannot be transferred from one guest to another if the recipient is outside of the respective area.

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