Hosts can play an integral part of a successful online show.

They can allow for the artist(s) to simply focus on the performance, rather than the technology.

If using Zoom for a more interactive experience, here are some things you’ll want to consider as a host / moderator of an online show:

Pre-show Planning (Have a conversation with the artist(s) in advance of show day)

  • Is the artist(s) interested in doing Q&A with the audience? How often? Is it okay to interrupt the artist(s) between songs to spotlight a fan and produce some engagement?

  • Does the artist plan to take requests at all? If so, do they want to prompt the audience themselves or have the moderator bring them forward?

  • Does the artist want to be able to hear cheers from the audience ("Un-mute All”) and if so, how often / for how long? Some people love the “Un-mute All” function for applause, and some find it really abrasive.

Practice makes perfect

  • Consider doing a trial run with friends and family, where you can practice muting and muting select guests, testing the audio etc.

  • Test run screen sharing or a broadcast plug-in, if you want to welcome guests with some music and a graphic before the show starts.

  • Consider tuning into a well-produced show by another artist to gain insight into how you’d like your show to be similar or different.

Running the show (A few tips about Zoom for a smooth and enjoyable production):

  • Rename Co-host in the Participants panel to include public indication that they are a co-host

  • Gallery View = See large groups of people at once

  • Speaker View = See only the active speaker or Spotlighted participant

  • Spotlight = highlight a participant or artist video for everyone

  • Pin = highlight a participant or artist video only for you personally.

  • Record = The video recording will be what YOU see in real time. If you’d like to use the video for promo after the fact, you might want to leave it on Speaker View

  • Use Chat to field questions from the group at large or cue artists or participants via Private Message

  • If transitioning between artists or participants, Un-mute and Spotlight them before it's their turn to take the “mic”

More online show tips here: Side Door online show tips

Enjoy yourself!

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