Absolutely! No one should have to go at it alone. It’s as simple as sending them to the Side Door website to create a user account and host profile as either a:

1. Presenter (Promoters, Festivals, Curators, Online Show Co-Hosts etc.)

2. Space (Individuals with spaces for performance)

Once they have signed up, simply click on Manage on the navigation menu in the top left of your screen. This will bring you to the Connect tab, where you can search for their profile (click here for more details on searching for hosts). Click the dark blue Connect button beside their profile card’s image, and send them a message! Once they accept your match request, it will create a Connection under the Connections tab, and you will be able to start booking an in-person or online show with them. Learn More About Connections Here

The profile match allows all parties to be involved in the booking process, take part in the event, and negotiate the revenue split.

Having Presenters or Spaces involved with co-hosting a show can be helpful for promotional purposes, sound, lighting, tech, moderation, and the overall success of your event.

Happy Show Planning!

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