There are a few options for sharing Donation Links with your ticket holders/audience members.

When booking an Online Show you will be given the option to create a Custom link for ticket holders (editable in the Promo tab of the booking tool). This link is shown to all ticket holders on the show page, and is a great opportunity to lead folks to an additional page post-purchase - including a donation page!

During the booking process you can also create a custom Message to Guests (also editable in the Details tab). This message will be shown on the show page after ticket purchase and delivered to all ticket holders, via a Show Reminder email, in advance of show time. This is the perfect opportunity to include your donation link ahead of time.

During the performance you may also choose to provide a Donation Link in Side Door’s built-in show chat and/or the chat function of the livestream platform being utilized, for all audience members to see.

Audience members are also asked upon ticket purchase whether or not they would like to share their contact information with the Artist(s)/Presenter(s). Any audience member who has opted in to this will make their Name & Email Address available to you. The contact information collected can then be added to your mailing-list, which you may choose to include a Donation Link mail-out, post Online Show.

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