If you are unhappy or uncomfortable with anything during a Side Door show and feel confident enough to notify the show’s host, we’d recommend letting them know directly at an appropriate time! Most hosts are hobbyists, and if they’ve overlooked something chances are good it was an honest mistake rather than a malicious omission. There’s always room for growth and improvement, and a few polite words are often appreciated!

If you do not feel comfortable alerting the host and your concern is not an emergency, you will have the opportunity after the show to privately share feedback directly with the host or with Side Door. Each ticket purchaser receives a post-show email which contains the option to review the show, with fields for both public and private feedback to the organizing parties.

If you do not feel comfortable alerting the host directly and your concern is an emergency, we invite you to reach out to either the Side Door support team at support@sidedooraccess.com

and/or your local emergency services if the situation merits such a response.

If you loved something about the show, the above methods of communication also apply! Everyone loves some kind words after an event, and maybe even some polite constructive criticism too.

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