Absolutely! At the very least, most streaming services accept a single video and a single audio input feed to their platforms. Some third party softwares, such as Open Broadcaster Software Studio or other equivalents, allow you to feed multiple camera inputs into a single broadcast output that can then be controlled from the software like a virtual switchboard. So long as you’ve got the equipment and the software to hook up and manage multiple camera angles, feeding them into your streaming service of choice is a viable option!

If you don’t have any broadcast software or multiple cameras handy but do have an extra phone or laptop, you could always implement a DIY setup! For example, if using Zoom for your livestream (we recommend it!), you could sign in to your meeting link with a couple of different devices and set them up to be your various camera angles. So long as you kept the sound and microphone turned off on all but one of your devices to avoid feedback, you could flip back and forth using Zoom’s hosting controls to switch between devices / camera angles. Fancy!

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