The minimum price for a ticket is $1. However, we always encourage users to push for assigning a fair value to the performance, and we encourage you to make use of our name your price feature that sets a suggested price, a minimum, and no ceiling.

The average ticket price for Side Door online shows is $10 - $15.

When Side Door first began offering online bookings in March 2020, the average ticket price was around the $5-6 range. Many performers were wary of charging too much, if at all: the standard online performance was typically hosted on Instagram Live or Facebook Live, free to access and situated on platforms that actively encouraged continued scrolling and dropping in and out rather than sustained attendance and focus. There was a fear of being the first to charge, the first to assign value to virtual performances, the first to dip their toe into the financial pool and disturb the waters.

However, as time has passed, we at Side Door have noticed the average ticket price climbing steadily higher as online shows rapidly normalize in both performers’ and audiences’ minds. The idea of producing and attending a dedicated virtual show, especially those with increased audience interaction and community engagement via connective streaming platforms like Zoom, has turned these broadcasts into active events rather than passive availabilities. As production quality increases and audience acceptance swells, ticket prices have quickly climbed into the $10-20 territory, with more intimate/exclusive/engaging/popular shows pushing above $20 and more.

Ultimately, it’s up to you what you want to charge for a ticket to a performance, online or otherwise. Online shows have become the norm and audience members are ever the more supportive and generous towards the artists they enjoy - there is very much an understanding fostered during global lockdown - so don’t be afraid to value your performance accordingly. If that means offering more to the audience for a higher ticket price (via Q&A, bundled merchandise, etc.) there are ways to get creative, but please understand that your art is valuable and necessary in the world, now and always, and Side Door endeavours to encourage facilitate advocating for that intrinsic value.

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