Performers are not required to have an account on a livestream platform to play an online show with Side Door. However, in many cases, it is highly recommended.

For all interactive Side Door shows (hosted on Zoom), Users are able to access the show and perform without their own Zoom account. However, entering a Zoom show without an account means that important preferences impacting the quality of the show - such as sound and video settings - will not be readily editable. We recommend always having an account in order to have ownership and control over your own preferences, but it is not a requirement.

For all broadcast Side Door shows (hosted directly on Side Door), the streaming tool of choice for producing the show’s output (OBS, Ecamm, StreamLabs, etc.) may or may not require the User to have an account in order to broadcast their performance to a destination (Side Door receives output via RTMP URLs and Stream Keys). Users are responsible for creating and managing the livestream platform account that they choose to broadcast the performance with.

Have an account with a livestream platform, and want to know if it’s compatible with Side Door? Please reach out to!

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