Multi-artist livestream shows:

Multi-artist livestream shows are possible (and encouraged!) We’ve had double billed shows and songwriters’ circles ticketed with Side Door.

Best practices include:

- have a host for the show to manage switching between screens and/or an emcee to introduce each artist (optional)

- have a dress rehearsal with performers, host and emcee to review the format of the show and practice the tech

- each artist follows best practices for their technical set-up to ensure quality broadcast

Multi-performer livestream shows:

Having multiple performers performing in sync with one another from separate locations on the same stream is impossible due to differing bandwidths and/or potential latency issues.

A solution to this is to pre-record the performance with each musician playing to a click track, capturing the audio and video on separate devices and/or software, then sync up the video/audio in production and package into a show.

Another solution is to play in one space if this is allowed within your location’s COVID-19 guidelines. We’ve seen artists playing in one space, socially distanced, and broadcasting online. We also have venues that are operating at a reduced capacity in real life, while simultaneously streaming online, and ticketing those online streams with Side Door.


The best solution for testing this is to hire a third-party engineer such as Stream Tune-up and/or acquire audio-combo software such as Loopback for an online live performance.

Services such as StreamYardcan help you send your stream to multiple platforms at once. For musicians who just want to play together, there are many options to jam online by using services such as Ninjamor Jamulus. However, this is not a viable solution for ticketed livestream shows.

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