Sign in to your Side Door account and navigate to the Show you’re attending in the Shows Page,

You can also navigate to the show page from your confirmation email, received after purchase.

OR, on the Home page of your account, navigate to Your Tickets to view and access the show pages of every ticket you’ve purchased.

If the show is currently live, you’ll be able to access it immediately from the show page - click Join Show or the play button!

If the show is in the future, you will see a countdown to showtime on the show page instead. (Note: If the show is on Zoom and you have not yet downloaded Zoom, you will be prompted to do that before accessing the show. Ideally, you can download Zoom ahead of the show time to leave time for troubleshooting)

The show page is also where you can transfer / gift your ticket(s) to someone else, or buy more. If you re-assign your only ticket to someone else, this will automatically revoke your access to the show and transfer it to them.

Please note the “message to guests” from the artist(s) and/or host(s), which could contain other important information you’ll need to know about the show you’re attending.

If you’re joining an interactive show (via Zoom), you will be asked to “Join Audio” once you join the Zoom meeting. While your microphone will be muted, joining audio is necessary in order to hear the event! You will also have the choice to also “Join Video”. This is not required but is a great way to take part in the interactive audience experience!

Enjoy the show!

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