Log in to your Side Door account, click your profile icon at the top right of the screen to select your Artist profile. Next, click the Side Door logo at the top left followed by Connect from the drop down menu.

This will bring you to the Explore tab where you can find Spaces and Presenters tailored to your Artist profile preferences and location (is your location field up-to-date in your Artist profile? Click Profile to check).

To search for Presenters, click on Presenters under Make New Connections on the left.

Refine your search by entering keywords in the search field, selecting a location and radius, and/or checking ‘Has hosted a Side Door show’ or ‘Has profile image’.

Once you’ve completed all desired fields, search results will automatically be displayed. You can sort the results by proximity, most shows, recently online, most reviewed, and newest signups.

To reach out to a Presenter, click the Connect button to send a message - pitch your performance and a suggested date. After you’ve messaged a Presenter, you don’t need to do anything else. If the Presenter accepts your message request, the conversation will move into your Chat tab. You can also see the messages you sent in Sent Requests. Continue the conversation there and subsequently begin the Booking Process.

PS. Are you an Artist that wants to indicate to Presenters where/when you'll be available, and be surfaced to Presenters’ search results page?

Click here to learn more about the Schedule Builder function!

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