Your Artist profile has a Cover Image, which is the first photo users see when viewing your profile. If you only have one photo, it will default as the cover image. If you have multiple photos and would like to select or change the cover image:

  1. Log in to your Side Door account.

  2. Select which profile you would like to update by hovering over the menu in the upper right hand corner and click the correct profile.

  3. Click Profile in the pink-shaded menu banner (between Dashboard and Connections).

  1. On the right side of the page below the image, click Edit Photos, Details, & Links.

  2. Click the photo you would like to select as your cover image. You will see the caption Cover Image in the bottom left of the image.

  3. Click Save Changes on the left hand side.

For the best quality, the ideal image ratio is 16:9 and can be cropped after upload.

You may crop your image by hovering over the image and clicking crop in the top left corner. After cropping, press Save in the bottom right hand corner. All images can be cropped, not just the cover image.

If your profile has multiple images, users can scroll through the rest of the image gallery when viewing your profile.

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