Although there is no barrier to entry for Hosts and Artists to create profiles with Side Door, Hosts are asked a series of questions during the initial sign-up process, gathering the need-to-know information but also assessing their intentions and capacity to host. Not all Hosts will be confirmed right away due to the Side Door vetting process. Certain answers to some questions send a notification to Side Door staff to follow-up with the Host. Hosts that are flagged will not be discoverable on the platform until they have a conversation with Side Door staff. During the vetting call a conversation is had to be sure that the Host understands how Side Door works, and that we are an artist-first platform.

The Side Door team developed a questionnaire as a sign-up process so that new Hosts are encouraged to think of all aspects of hosting before going live on the platform. Ideally through the sign-up process, ongoing communication between Side Door staff and users, the support portal and resources for Hosts, there are no surprises come show time. We find that most 

Hosts are community-minded people and by putting their space on Side Door to use for events, they are likely to have good intentions. Hosts and Artists are encouraged to discuss details in the chat thread before confirming a show so that everyone is aware of the stakes and all parties are prepared come show time.  

If you are unsure about a host and/or have questions about an upcoming show of yours, please email

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