Performing can be unpredictable because every night is different from the next - each night is a different space and a different audience. Some days you may be looking forward to the show and other days you may be intimidated by it. Outside factors can weigh heavily on your ability to perform your best - family issues, malfunctioning equipment, or a stressful travel day can all impact your experience of how the night goes. And perhaps certain dynamics at the show may cause concern.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable at a Side Door show, take a moment to scan the situation. Try and identify what it is that’s causing the issue - is it a bad vibe with the space? Is there an audience member creeping you out? Or are you having a rough day and just can’t shake it off? Either way, check in with yourself and trust your instincts. If you feel comfortable talking to the Host about what you are feeling, they are there for your best interests. They can ask a creepy audience member to leave, or remove the dog from the house/room if you are scared of dogs. If it’s the Host themselves you’re feeling uncomfortable with and there’s no one else you can turn to at the space for support, email right away, and then go outside and call a friend/partner/family member to talk this out with.

The best you can do to prepare for discomfort in these situations is to inform yourself - know everything you can possibly know about what to expect from the show so that (ideally) there are no surprises, and then prepare yourself for the possibility that anything can happen.

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