In our experience, emphasizing a focus on the Artist is the most effective way to create a listening atmosphere at a show. This means that while the Artist is performing, they have the full attention of the audience and participants. Here are a few common ways of achieving this:

  • Have the Artist perform in a central location in the space, and create an inviting area for listening by the stage.

  • Consider getting up in front of the audience before a show to introduce yourself and the Artist. Simply asking for everyone’s attention and making proper introductions can be a great way to ensure that an audience is engaged from the start.

  • You can include a note in your Space’s description and/or message to guests that there is a quiet policy during performances. You might also encourage guests to arrive early when doors open, so they can get their socializing in before the show.

  • Sometimes you may have to gently remind talkative attendees to please be respectful, and/or provide an alternative space for them to socialize.

  • You might also consider having an intermission between sets, allowing guests a moment to fill their drink and go to the restroom, while hopefully preventing any other disruptions during the performance.

If your intent is to create more of a party atmosphere with live background music, please communicate this to the Artist before confirming the show. This may affect their decision to perform.

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