Many Artists will bring merchandise to sell at the show. 100% of merchandise sales should go to the Artist - it is not appropriate to assume a cut as a Host. Please offer a small table or counter space for displaying their merch (often this will be determined by how much merch they have to display). Most Artists bring their own merch float, pricing signs, inventory sheets, and keep track of their own sales; but some Artists may also need help with merch. Please have a discussion with the Artist before the doors open about how they would like merch to be managed for the night. It may be possible for the door person to help keep track of sales. If you are really keen, you may even consider having a float on hand (just spare bills to make change with). The best way to help is to just ask! 

Please remember - it is NOT appropriate to take a cut of the merch revenue. Side Door does not condone this, unless it is something the Artist volunteers to do.

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